The Hidden Faces/ Los Rostros Ocultos 

            Los Rostros Ocultos (The Hidden Faces) continues to explore the theme of identity through the metaphor of layers and masks. Masks have always been part of traditional Latin American folk art and they feel familiar to us. We use them to celebrate both life and death.  For some people, masks are a refuge, a sort of defense mechanism to protect themselves from the outside, and for others, they are a way to hide their true identity.   But instead of hiding what we are, they sometimes reveal more about ourselves than expected. Masks have always been there, waiting for the right time to manifest themselves.


"Algunas máscaras se parecen a nosotros mismos, y aun así nos muestran nuestros rostros ocultos. Parecería que con ellos el alma humana se confrontara con lo Otro, para comprenderlo y aprender a vivir con él."

"Some masks resemble ourselves, yet still show us our hidden faces. It would seem that with them the human soul was confronted with the Other, to understand it and learn to live with it."

Ruth D. Lechuga.