Location: Slowfood UW, 1127 University Ave. (corner of University and Charter)Madison, WI

De Todo Corazón


Taken from: https://slowfood-uw.org/the-mural-project/

Through this mural, Angie will show how social justice operates through food. She has chosen imagery from Mexican and Latino folk art, such as the heart and the hummingbird. Angie says that if you grew up in a Latino culture, you will recognize the idea that we should give with our whole heart, even if one does not have much to give, there can always be a gift from the heart.

Her 6ft x 5ft painting of the semi-realist heart is surrounded by flowers and vegetables which are growing and feeding on the heart. This helps to again convey that the heart is a place of endless giving, the heart can always feed others, we can always give the gift of love to one another. Furthermore, Angie chose various pollinators such as the hummingbird, which secondarily feed off of the flowers that feed off the heart. In this way, we can visualize how giving with the heart may cause chain reactions of positivity and growth throughout a community.

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